Inspired by passion and driven by experience

Starfly builds and operates high quality vertical wind tunnels for indoor skydiving. Our company aims to be the reference for all the human flight concepts.

Our area of Consultancy

Finding The Right Location

We will help you select a suitable location to set up the facility if you don’t have one. A good location should be easily accessible.

Finding The Right Technology

The technology you choose for your Windtunnel will determine if it will be reliable enough or not.

Offering a Financial Advice

We will step in to give you the right advice for you to run the business without missing funds.

Setting Up Business Plans

We have been in the business for long, so we can professionally help you come up with good and workable business plans.

Finding an Appropriate Staff

A suitable staff will have a good customer service, and they’ll also run the business effectively. We will be there to help you.

Giving a Marketing Advice

We will give you the proper marketing advice to promoting the wind tunnel efficiently and correctly.

StarFly supports companies that need help with project implementation, general expertise, day-to-day management, financial or marketing.

The team behind Starfly has been skydiving for over 15 years. Being in the business for over a decade, our company also offers professional help. You can be sure of working with an experienced team.​

For the first-timers, you get a one-on-one help in the wind tunnel. One person controls the airspeed as the other helps you in the tunnel.

StarFly uses the best wind tunnel technology. The vertical wind tunnels at our premises are powered by an innovative technology. We have the first wind tunnel in Belgium. So, you are dealing with the best in the country when you work with us.

“Great things in a business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”
- Steve Braff & Magali Folkner Braff -

Looking for experts in skydiving?

We highly welcome you to choose for well trained instructors and a professional, experienced team.

Our Recent Projects

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