About StarFly

StarFly is in the business of providing our clients with the ultimate indoor skydiving experience, helping them fly!

We are an independent consultancy firm with over 15 years of experience, concerned with building high-quality vertical wind tunnels and consulting on all facets of operating one for indoor skydiving.

Our talented team is made up of passionate and experienced skydivers who are ready to work with you on building or reorganizing your indoor skydiving facility. We offer only the highest quality indoor skydiving equipment finishing at the lowest operating costs no matter what industry you cater to, public, rental, or military.

Our highly trained consultants provide the best marketing advice, based on complete sets of data from years of analyzing the indoor skydiving market.

StarFly - builds a vertical wind tunnel
indoor skydiving

StarFly provides professional expert opinion, advice and services regarding your project’s location, financial, technology, safety, construction, management, and Human Resources. We don’t just proffer expert advice and professional opinion on operating all kind of indoor skydiving facilities, we also help in carrying out the implementation of proposed recommendations.

By working with StarFly, you will gain access to a deeper level of expertise and professional opinion on what needs to be done when setting up and operating an indoor skydive facility.

StarFly is an independent indoor skydiving experience consultancy company without contracts for any specific technology. This lets us give our clients the right kind of advice to help them run their skydiving business smoothly while maximizing profits.

About Steve & Magali

We feel lucky because we are truly soulmates that have a similar passion. This has helped to draw us even closer and face any forth coming challenge easily.

We have one motto that has kept us going all these years and that is: Nothing is Impossible!

Lovers of Nature!

We don’t just love exploring the nature by viewing the sceneries or skydiving. Rather, we go further to preserve the beautiful environment. Our oneness also extends to the brand of car. We both love the cool, green, electric Tesla.

We do our best to maintain the beauty of the environment as we explore it.

Mr. Mc Fly

Steve is and has always been a dedicated man in everything he does. Specifically, he puts all his effort and determination to flight, which saw him starting McFly. And it has nothing to do with the popular English Band. So did he get the name from the Back To The Future character, Marty McFly? Check out his amazing story here to learn more about it.

Press Active

We are are active in every possible way. We have been managing press releases around the world to boost our activities and services to everyone. This has helped to boost our marketingand social networking. We never stop sharing.

Starfly - indoor skydiving

Why Choosing StarFly?

15 Years of Experience

You can be sure of working with an experienced team when you deal with them.

The Best Windtunnel Technology

StarFly uses the best windtunnel technology. The vertical wind tunnels at our premises are powered by an innovative technology.

Extra Help

You get expert help. Other than being in the business for over a decade, they also offer professional help.

We never stop thinking big, and that is why we do our best to reach out to as many people as possible. Our target is not only in Belgium but in the whole world.

Specifically, we organized two separate international competition that attracted a lot of participants. CharleWars I and Charlewars II were our two world-class competitions that had participants from different parts of the world.

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