About LuxFly

LUXFLY SKYDIVE is an indoor skydiving business or an adventure that is specifically tailor-made to bring in the outdoor fun, inside. This new windtunnel is located in Sterpenich which sits on the Border of Belgium and Luxembourg.

The founders of LUXFLY SKYDIVE are Steve & Magali Braff from STARFLY, they are also the brain behind the first windtunnel in Belgium.  Some of the key features of the new wind tunnel include the modernization and sophistication of the infrastructure and tunnel technology.

The founders choose to work together with TUNNEL TECHNOLOGIES, because of their world-class technological capabilities and one of the last generation of the wind tunnels that will definitely leave a mark on the industry. This combination created unbeatable strength and ideologies in the business and we are yet to find any other organizations that can much up to their potential and capability.

LUXFLY SKYDIVE will be your ultimate bucket list plot and you can enjoy this experience with both family and friends. If you have a competitive edge, LUXFLY SKYDIVE will offer you a platform as well with competitions and a highly qualified instructors to develop your flying skills.

The first times of flying consist of guided basic training. When your skillset develops, you can start training alone or in a group with a coach. Indoor skydiving is a relatively new thing for the masses, but it actually is an internationally acknowledged sport with international competitions as World Cup & World Championships.

Indoor skydiving is equally great for individuals and as a team sport. As in all competitive sports, getting to the top requires years of training with an experienced coach. Just a couple of flights will get you started with your new hobby, but it’s totally up to you, whether you want to be a world champion or just fly occasionally for fun.

A modern & sophisticated leisure infrastructure integrated with the last generation of indoor skydiving technologies.


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