Organizing Indoor Skydiving Wind Tunnel Business

We are sure that your wish to run a wind tunnel, together with our experience and knowledge, will ensure a huge succes!

As business processes are developed and launched, special attention should be paid to:

We will teach your staff about all aspects of the wind tunnel business.

We have all the informations behind the scenes. All the statistics and tracks for marketing, payrolls, amount of customers, flights per day, weekdays, weekend, customer type. Electricity and integration with the chosen tunnel equipment.

StarFly -indoor skydiving wind tunnel

Your staff will be trained to use business automation software, which makes it possible to:

Set Up Timeline

We will give you tips on how to come up with the right timeline that would work perfectly for your business.

Set Up Opening

We will also advise you about the right opening times/hours that will be suitable enough for your clients.

Organising Events

Events have proven to be some of the elements that boost the popularity and success of a business. We will give you tips on this.

Do you have a wind tunnel and are looking for improvements?

We would love to meet and exchange point of views for an optimal success of your business and see how we could help each other further.

We value your opinion as well, so we would really love to hear what you have to share when we have a partnership with you. At StarFly, we treat you as a friend. For that, our partnership means that we trust you and we are very much willing to hold hands with you.

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