The creation of an indoor skydive project.

After several months of careful planning, we are super excited to share our new project with you.

As with any successful project, the project was lined with ups and downs, however, we are delighted to say that it was a huge success in the end. Therefore, we will like to take the time and share with you ‘our journey so far.’

Our first step was to design a scope of statement that would guide us through the various stages of the project. This is, undoubtedly, one of the toughest and crucial decisions we took so far. It is more like the foundation upon which every other plan was built.

These invaluable documents state clearly how the project should go and the expected outcome. With the scope statement, we were able to get buy-ins and foster agreement between sponsors and shareholders.

Although the scope statement took several turns upon inception of the project, it served as a guide and eliminated all forms of miscommunication during the project.

Building a skydive is such a huge project. There were a lot of factors to consider. From deciding on the location to choosing engineers capable of bringing our dream to fruition and other steps in between, I must confess it is an onerous task to take on.

Notable Tranche


Location is crucial to the growth of any business. With that in mind, we took the time to scout through several promising locations in the heart of Europe. We wanted a place that is easily accessible by feet, planes, cars, and trains.  So, we conducted extensive research and found a place in the grossly populated highways between Belgium and Luxembourg. It is just perfect!


Fortunately choosing the name did not come with any hassle. Being situated on the borders of Luxembourg, we decided to name the project LUXFLY SKYDIVE! 

Architectural Set Up

The architectural set up of any building project is key to its success. Having acquired vast experience working on tons of similar projects in the past, we were able to design exactly what our potential customers need. Tying the need of your customers into your architectural design help to create a more functional and elegant construction.


The technology employed in the construction is yet another key to its success. After scouting through about 70 wind tunnels across the globe, we were able to choose the best tech that fits perfectly into our dream as well as our budget. We chose Tunnel Technologies because of their top-notch approach and the quality of their work. They house a team of highly-qualified engineers who were capable of providing detailed information on the various facets of their system. It was impressive!

Baseline Management Plan

After creating a working scope, schedule, and cost baselines, we moved to the next stage, which involves the creation of a baseline management plan. Being a complex project, we decided to use a formal communication matrix. This tool was incredibly helpful. It helped us determine some of our criteria. Furthermore, it helped us document the method agreed upon by the project team to communicate various aspects of the project including [but not limited to] decisions, routine status, and problem resolution.

Resource Identification

The resources of any project typically fall under three categories – finance, manpower, and assets. Our strategy in motion helped us to decipher the resources necessary for the success of the project and how to get them.


Finding the right investors was not a walk in the park. Thanks to our vast knowledge gained from past projects, we were able to provide potential investors our working plan and secret ingredients to success. We are currently working with a pool of investors who are interested in different projects we handle.


Getting the engineers on the same page was pretty challenging. Each one of them had his own view of how best to design the project. And leading them to build the most optimal structural building is key to the success of the project.


Before commencing any construction project, you will have to get a building permit from the local government agency.  This official document is mandatory to ensure the project plan is in compliance with local standards for land use, zoning, and construction. Acquisition of this document took up a huge chunk of our time.


With the help of our strategic plan, we were able to efficiently manage this project with the tools and resources budgeted for the project. Our efficient managerial skills made it possible to deliver the best possible result at the stipulated time and within the stipulated budget. We did not have to exhaust the resources because we were able to employ the right resource at the right time/stage.

In addition, our strategic plan made it possible to operate in utmost transparency. Every decision was relayed to our stakeholders.

Our communication skills were off the hook. We were able to customize our communication medium to the style and taste of each team member. 

As soon as we were able to define our project, we were sure the project would hit key business goals.

Having laid every stone in order, we are ready to move to the next step, which involves excavating at a depth of 8 meters. This step is quickly succeeded by casting the concrete tower which measures 40 meters, integrating the tunnel technology, and of course, start flying. 

We will be sure to keep you posted as we achieve other mileages in the project.

Also, we welcome anyone who is looking for a new professional challenge and interested in being a part of this project. Kindly send us your CV and motivation letter at our official email address

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