Are you looking to build a wind tunnel someday?

Are you looking to build a wind tunnel someday? Do you want to get involved in the indoor skydiving industry? Struggling with investors? Maybe lost as to where and how to begin this gigantic project? Taking a page from the lessons we learned while creating the Luxfly indoor skydiving center, we decided to create this guide to help beginners in the industry like you. Read on!

A quick look at the industry so far…Although it is not as commercialized as we love it to be, this industry has been in the block for a very long time. For us, we discovered the first ‘soufflerie’ project in Europe in 2016. To date, we are pleased to say we are still inspired to keep treading this path. As a matter of fact, we are proud to announce the completion of Luxfly, and eager to go on to the next one! Looking back at the last two decades, we can both agree that the indoor skydiving industry completely revolutionized the world of sports. Giving people the opportunity to enjoy free fall without necessarily jumping off a plane has got to be the next best thing since basketball – hahaha!

The problems you will likely encounter From the onset, building a windtunnel and owning your indoor skydiving center seems like a pleasant, walk-in-the-park idea. I mean, you just have to find the right people and give them the job, right? Well, I am sorry to burst your bubble, it takes more than that. In fact, finding the right guy for the job is the hardest part of this exhilarating project.Virtually everyone will claim they are the best at the job. After all they just want to make quick bucks.

Contractors are concerned about selling their services and the windtunnel manufacturer is just looking for another sale. So, in the end, no one cares, besides you.Away from the stress of finding the perfect contractor for the job, investment is yet another inevitable roadblock you will meet along the way. 

Quick question – have you sorted out your funding options? How far have you gone with investors? In short, how many investors are willing to invest in the project?Let’s face it. Creating a windtunnel, and by extension, an indoor skydiving center costs a fortune. Trust me, this is not a project anyone wants to take on alone. You will need a deep pocket to see the project from start to finish. And your best bet for this deep pocket is finding investors. Sounds simple, yes? All you have to do is go around, pitch your ideas, and win over investors, yes? Well, from our experience, we assure you it is not as simple as it sounds. This is why you need a pro in your team.

Solution – Get a pro in your team! Having successfully navigated the ups and downs of this industry, we can say, without a doubt, that you need us for a safe ride. Getting it right the first time is not dependent on your flying skills or whether you are a business magnate. This is a very special industry, as such it requires careful tips to avoid landmines. As a beginner, it is inevitable to make mistakes. Sadly, these mistakes are costly. Fortunately, we are here for you. Of course, we made these mistakes while creating other projects. In fact, we got played severally.

Being a team that values quality, it was one heinous journey bringing the project to completion, as most contractors care very little about quality.With time, we were able to get trustworthy contractors. However, we learned the hard way. It cost us huge money, time, energy, and commitment. With our experience and expertise, we can totally help you navigate through this industry, making sure you get it right – the first time. That’s very rare in this industry.

Our team of experts are quite vast and boast peerless experience in the field. You can count on us to help you scale everything from preparation to planning and construction. 
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