Meet, an architect specialist in designing indoor skydive facilities, Eric Durieux-Durenzi

It is said of him that he is the architect of “stars”, even if he does not like this attribution. Indeed he has made some drawings for Celine Dion, Franco Dragone (Belgium), creator of the greatest shows of the ” Cirque du Soleil ”. Several other french artists known as Patrick Fiori (Ajaccio-Corse) and Julie Zenatti (Paris), Maurane and Claude Barzotti (Belgium).

According to him, working for known people is not a fame in itself but ” what is rewarding is to succeed in creating for them a built environment and find their happiness, while we do not see them that much and that we must grasp their emotions in a few hours of meetings only, this is the challenge! ”.

His field of activity is not limited to Belgium but Italy, France, Corsica, Marokko, Israel, Greeceā€¦

This architect-designer has never content himself of just following a path” all prepared ” in basic training. He spent time studying Feng Shui in habitat, geobiology, bioclimatic, indoor skydive and healthy home architecture.


Passionate about the studies done by the great men of the past on the art of building, he likes to reuse whenever he can, the norms on the perfect proportions, based on the ” divine number ”, the ” phi number ” he often says that the feeling of well-being in a space never comes from chance but from a precise use of the knowledge of the past adapted to the technologies of today.

All the art of good architecture is to judiciously balance the ingredients that this ” good life ” imposes on each project.

The technical knowledge, he has acquired over the course of his achievements, allows him not only to demand on his building sites a job well done, but also to know how to carry out this work, in accordance with the rules of the art and indoor skydive expectations be it building architecture and interior architecture.

For him, mediocrity takes as much time and costs more in the end, than a job well done and a good implementation, respecting the deadlines and rules craft of each trade. He also advocates greater responsibility and awareness of architects in their monitoring mission to carry out their projects to the end. This is possible only if each participant, each artisan, has the love of the trade as well as the respect of the client.

According to his professional entourage, he masters the art of listening, asking precise and appropriate questions to fully understand the needs, desires, but especially the dreams of his clients.

EMOTION is a keyword in his approach to architecture. And it’s still the emotion that guides him to ” transform ” the desires of the client into a real architectural language.

Eric Durieux-Durenzi, a simple man in fact, who appeared to us true, a multiple artist, also songwriter, a passionate about life, people and extreme sports (indoor skydive). A man with a sensitivity that he uses as a creative force. An architect … nothing but an architect who loves the human, its emotions.

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