Meet Magali Folkner Braff, Project Manager at LUXFLY SKYDIVE

Magali Folkner Braff

A Sneak Peek Into the Life of a Professional Skydiver,

The sky, they say, is big enough for everyone to fly – literally. Well, I guess that must be what Magali thought when she decided to pursue her passion for skydiving. 

However, the multi-talented skydiving expert didn’t start off as a skydiver. She tested the waters with a number of multinational real estate agencies for about 15 years before pursuing her dreams full time.

Being on the ‘wrong track’ Magali couldn’t derive the desired joy and satisfaction from her job. There was always the void that can only be filled by skydiving, soaring, and speed flying. It was an age-long passion that needed to be satisfied. Therefore, she decided to chase her dreams after 11 years in the real estate world.

Her unmatched expertise as a realtor combined with her passion for flying & construction, and amazing records in skydiving shot her to the top as the best female skydiver in Belgium.

She now boasts an enviable record in the industry and several accolades for her exceptional skills and relentless commitment. Magali is currently the CEO of STARFLY.WORLD and Project Manager at LUXFLY SKYDIVE. Other reputable positions she held in the industry include Marketing Director at the first windtunnel in Belgium, Personal Assistant to Steve Braff.

Thanks to her exceptional skills, all the companies has grown by leaps and bounds since she joined the fold. She possesses  phenomenal managerial skills and excellent problem solving skills. Indeed, Magali has grown into a force to be contended with in the skydiving industry.

Her time in the Skydiving industry has been beautifully contoured with a plethora of projects and achievements. Following her passion to create a total concept of a company where she can assist entrepreneurs to grow their companies from scratch to the top, Magali is has grown into an expert in areas like searching for the best locations, professional supplies, and local productions.

There is no choosing a favorite in the flying sports but, she has always had a thing for wind tunnel flying and, of course, she does a whole lot of that now. She has curated a ton of wind tunnel formulas, together with her husband and a number of great skydivers across the globe. It is no wonder her wind tunnel facilities end up with the best air flow and the greatest staff teams.

Despite her enviable reputation and skills, Magali has always maintained an open mind to learning. And we can all agree that she learned from the best. She holds an unreserved passion for flying sports – both at low speed and at high speed.

Like her favorite sport, Magali has continued to soar in the industry, and today she is, unarguably, the best female skydiver in Belgium.

She is currently working on the sophisticated Luxfly Indoor Skydiving project.

When asked how she got this far Magali asserted that “the trick is to listen to your body and your coach. There are several coaches in the filed. Be sure to follow the strategies laid out by your coach and always pay attention to your body. Know your limits and work hard to push them.” She said.

She added that having friends over is even more fun. “it’s so cool to have friends over and fly together, briefing something crazy and realizing to do it while you are flying.”

Team up with Magali today and watch her make it fly!

“Competition has become a lot fiercer in recent years, the secret to staying at the top is to continue to push yourself further, invest your time in training, and stick with a strong team.”

Magali Folkner Braff

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